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“My Life with the Walter Boys”
Adeline Harper
“My Life with the Walter Boys” is a new series that fans have fallen in love with, including freshman Maggie Mendes. The series has already been renewed for another season.

Freshman Maggie Mendes recently watched “ My Life with the Walter Boys.”

This series follows the life of recently orphaned Jackie Howard when her life gets flipped upside-down when she has to relocate from Manhattan, New York, to a small town in Colorado. She moves to live with her mom’s best friend’s house, living with nine other kids, eight of them being boys, while falling into a love triangle with the two oldest brothers in the house, Cole and Alex. 

This shows stars, Nikki Rodriguez, Ashby Gentry, Noah LaLonde, Sarah Rafferty, and lots more. The show was co-written by Melanie Halsall, Jordan Ross Schindler, Jonathan Rossler, Tawnya Bhattacharya, Ali Laventhol, Jesikah Suggs, and Kelsey Barry. Jerry Ciccoritti, Nimisha Mukerji, Winnifred Jong, and Jason Priestly co-directed.

What did you enjoy about this series?

“It was a great series about the character’s upbringing and teen romance that was really intriguing,” Mendes said.

What motivated you to watch this series?

“I heard a bunch of friends say it was really good,” Mendes said. “It had come up in my recommendations on Netflix a few times, so I decided to give it a try.”

What was the most memorable part of the series?

“The most memorable part was the very end,” Mendes said. “I just enjoyed who she ended up with.”

How is this film series different from others that you have watched?

“It definitely sticks out with a different setting and different character qualities,” Mendes said. 

What other films are similar to this one would you recommend?

“‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is pretty similar, and ‘Ginny and Georgia’ is kind of similar,” Mendes said.

“My Life with the Walter Boys” has one season with 10 episodes, and has been renewed for a second season to come out either in late 2024 or early 2025. This series can be watched on Netflix. 

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