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“Enola Holmes”
Adeline Harper
Sophomore Sauj Das recently watched “Enola Holmes,” a story about adventure, mysteries, and independence. The film’s cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Louis Partridge, Henry Cavill, and Sam Clafin.

Sophomore Sauj Das recently watched “Enola Holmes.”

“Enola Holmes” follows the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, Enola, as she searches for her missing mother, defying societal expectations and solving mysteries along the way. It is a tale of empowerment, independence, and familial bonds set in Victorian England.

What did you enjoy about this film/series?

“I liked the character Enola Holmes plays and how she was built differently from other girls and could view the other side of the world,” Das said. “In her world, it wasn’t only love and the way she could stand up for herself was mesmerizing. It was very beautiful and unique writing for that time.”

What motivated you to watch this film?

“Actually, it was the time when the movie was all the craze but it was more of the Instagram reels that made these cool edits and made me obsessed with it for a long time,” Das said. “The storyline and each character’s personalities were on a different level and honestly so amazing.”

What was the most memorable part of the film?

“I would say the entire movie was memorable, but the best part to remember was honestly the last part,” Das said. “It showed how just because you overcame an obstacle doesn’t mean you just upstart your life. It was a really cool reality check.”

How is this film/series different from others that you have watched?

“This movie was particularly different because they combined a lot of important elements into making a movie rather than making only one point the most important,” Das said. “To them, it wasn’t just one that was the most important but they solved everything through their journey.”

What other films are similar to this one would you recommend?

“I would recommend ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ because they are the classics of this movie,” Das said.

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