Villainous voices


Emily Davis

“villain feels” is a playlist that will inflate confidence and make anyone feel unstoppable. Everyone wants to feel just a little bad, even if they’re quite the contrary. Here’s a list of some guaranteed villainous sensations.

Whether or not you’re someone with a gentle or grungy personality, listening to music that makes you feel like a villain will give you an overwhelming amount of confidence in yourself to the point of feeling untouchable. 

Here are some songs straight from my “villain feels” playlist that I highly recommend, particularly on a car drive. If you’re looking for that bad and edgy sort of courage, these songs will have you jamming out. 

“Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé

This is first and foremost an iconic and classic song that’s decorated with jazz elements, smooth vocals, and bold musicality. This song I find to be beautifully written, but if I’m getting dressed in the morning listening to this, I feel like the bad guy to a broadway production or a blockbuster. 

Another relaxed villainous song to add, from an artist with an unmatched mezzo-soprano voice is “Skyfall” by Adele. This song cannot be denied as one that isn’t noteworthy, especially considering its impressive reputation from it’s James Bond origins. Villain? Absolutely.

“Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At The Disco

The chaotic yet smoothly moving flow of this song creates a sensation of an out of control mess that was purposefully created,  without regret. Making note of the pre-chorus and chorus, there’s a flow that makes me sway my head along with it before the deceivingly quiet transition that throws you into a catchy chorus with impressive vocal range.

“Oh yeah / The crown… / So close I can taste it / See what’s mine and take it.” If this smash-the-doors-down song doesn’t make you feel slightly conniving I’m not sure what will. 

Other songs by Panic! At The Disco, ironically from the same album, “Death of a Bachelor,” also fit on this playlist. “Victorious” and “House of Memories” contain similar vocal elements and make you feel hyped up for whatever task you’re about to go do. 

“Vibin” by Masked Wolf

At first this song opens up with a twangy, string like instrument with a beat that rightfully suggests an upcoming beat drop. Along with this drop, Masked Wolf comes in spitting a few quick verses before hopping into a rhythmic speedy melody. From here it leads to his slower chorus which simply leaves you vibin’. 

This song is more modern villain-on-the-streets sort of feel, particularly if you’re driving at night past numerous streetlights and city lights, maybe passing a few cars along the way. While absolutely bopping your head along with the beat, you’ll feel as if people need to ask permission to speak to you. 

For a more gently cruising song that still contains a fire beat with the same sensation, listen to “Night Rider” by Masked Wolf. You’ll feel cooly confident and like you’re assumed to be given respect. 

“Parasite Eve” by Bring Me The Horizon

This is one of my personal favorites by Bring Me The Horizon, opening with an interesting introduction. It starts with powerful, airy harmonies that suddenly drop into a dangerous sounding backbeat with a much quieter and darker lead voice. The chorus hits with a drum run that perfectly pulls you into the melodic lyrics with hard rock instrumentals. 

Gunning it to 60 on the highway on this chorus drop makes you feel invincible. Though stylistically different, the same sort of vibe is given from “COPYCAT” and “you should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish. Both of these I can easily play on repeat if I’m working out.  

These songs all make up the backbone to my “villain feels” playlist and they’re all songs that I find to perfectly suit the title. Trust me, no matter what your personality may be like, songs like these are ones I can guarantee will make you feel like someone people need to keep their eye out for, even if you’re as harmless as a honeybee. 

You made it through your first week back from winter break, now go hype yourself up for the weekend with some of these songs.