All’s well that ends ‘All too well’


Photo via Instagram (@taylorswift)

After five months of teasers and previews, Taylor Swift finally released “Red (Taylor’s version).” This album is the perfect thing to listen to during the current fall weather, specifically “All too well.”

Charlie Goins, Staff Writer

After five months of teasers and previews, Taylor Swift finally released her album “Red (Taylor’s version).” Along with re-recording the album’s original tracks, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” includes 9 unreleased songs “from the vault.”

The 30 songs in total provide people with a nostalgic listening experience and are all arguably the perfect theme for this time of the year, thanks to several nods to fall weather in her songs. Swift’s poetic lyrics are most prominent in her 10-minute recording of “All too well (10 Minute Version),” the last track of the album.

In an interview on “The Tonight Show,” she described how she was emotional during a rehearsal for a tour and began to play her guitar and adlib. Her band began playing with her for about 15 minutes improvising with her. 

“The 10-minute version of “All Too Well” is what was originally written for the song before I had to cut it down to a normal length song,” Swift said.

Each track in the album is impressive, but her ability to portray emotions through her lyrics in “All Too Well” allows listeners to feel what she is feeling, hurt how she is hurting, and want what she is wanting. 

One major change in Taylor’s version is the upgrade from the original acoustic guitar. The addition of more bass, drums, and an overall enhanced pop-ish sound allow the song to match the professionalism of her lyrics. Although it is a break-up song, Swift gives it an upbeat tempo, breaking the stereotype that most sad songs are slow. 

“All Too Well” goes through the story of a break-up and the remembrance of both the good and bad memories. Specifically, the lyrics mention a memorable car ride in the fall and meeting each other’s family. There are also lyrics about the boy missing the girl’s 21st birthday, and the pain of her caring more about the relationship with him. 

The album “Red (Taylor’s version)” is currently available on all music streaming platforms.