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Latest Guardians movie finalizes character and team development


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The Guardians going into their final battle as a team. Over the course of nine years, the Guardians of the Galaxy have grown significantly as a team, becoming a family.

Since 2014, “The Guardians of The Galaxy” has been a staple of the MCU. Their stories impact the overall world of Marvel and its characters. 

These characters have significantly developed from where they started. This development was individual and as a team.

They have gone from a band of strangers out to do whatever they want to a family who deeply cares for one another.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

They have gone from a band of strangers out to do whatever they want to a family who deeply cares for one another.

Starting out in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” each member is at odds with one another: Rocket and Groot want to capture Peter Quill for a bounty, Gamora wants what he stole, and Drax wants to kill Gamora. It is only after escaping prison they begin to warm up to each other. 

Even after then, they cannot be in the same room without fighting, as can be seen when Drax and Rocket start fighting after Drax calls him vermin. Peter is the one that keeps them together and cares for each of them. 

When the Power Stone is first used, it causes an explosion, and Quill’s first reaction is to protect Gamora from the blast. He also almost sacrifices his life for her by giving her his helmet while floating out in space. They are both saved, but he is still willing to give his life for her showing how deeply he cares for her.

The more extreme example of [Groot’s] love for the team is his sacrifice.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

The other member that shows how much they care for the team is Groot. Following Drax’s encounter with Ronan the Accuser, Groot saves him from drowning. The more extreme example of his love for the team is his sacrifice. After destroying Ronan’s ship, the team is going to crash, potentially killing every one of them. However, Groot puts up a barrier to save them at the cost of his life. He does all of this because he sees the Guardians as his and Rocket’s only friends.

This first adventure ends with Gamora telling Peter that they are now a family, a development that continues into the second movie.

Going into “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” it is apparent that they have been around each other for a long while. They have banter with each other, and Rocket and Quill have a mutual love for ‘80s music. The two team members that this film develops the most are Rocket and Quill.

Rocket starts off by still being impulsive and hotheaded. He steals from one of the Guardians’ clients. When that client sends a fleet to recover the item, Rocket makes escaping harder than it should be by taking control of their ship away from Quill. Gamora has to lecture him for being arrogant. 

Throughout the film, Rocket has to learn that it is not just him and Groot anymore and that he has to be able to work together with people. He finally learns to work together near the movie’s climax when he sacrifices what he stole to defeat the film’s villain, Ego.

[Peter] has to learn to be the captain of the Guardians.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

Peter has a similar development. During the course of the film, he has to learn to be the captain of the Guardians. He often gets into fights with them, and when he learns that Ego is his father, he begins to get cocky, stating to Gamora that Ego’s planet will be his one day. It is not until he learns of Ego’s true intentions and role in the death of his mother that Quill decides to stick by the Guardians and defeat his father.

These characters’ bond bleeds into the rest of the MCU as well. In “Avengers: Infinity War,” Thanos sacrifices Gamora for the Soul Stone. After this, Peter is distraught and attempts to kill Thanos for this. Peter fails, but this act shows how deeply he cares for them. 

Following the snap, Rocket is the only member left in “Avengers: Endgame.” In this film, Rocket is seen holding Peter’s Zune, as that is the last thing he can remember him by. These characters deeply care for one another even when multiple are missing.

If these characters were the same as when they started, they would only care for themselves instead of each other.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

All of these character arcs come to a close in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” In this film, it is clear how deeply they care for each other from the first fight. Each member tries to defend one another from Adam Warlock. If these characters were the same as when they started, they would only care for themselves instead of each other.

The entire film is about trying to save Rocket’s life. The Guardians move with a sense of urgency due to this. When it seems like they were too late and Rocket has died, Peter breaks down, crying, refusing to believe that his friend is dead. The moment it is confirmed that Rocket is alive, they all have a visual look of relief and joy.

This movie marks the end of these character’s journeys, with each of them going their separate ways. However, before they come to that conclusion, they share a long group hug, with Groot telling them that he loves them. Before Quill leaves, he gives Rocket one final gift, his Zune.

Despite their very rocky beginnings, the Guardians of the Galaxy have grown together. A team that cares for each member. Even though they are separated for the time being, they will always be one big family.