Panther Tracks

“Lucid Dreams”


Annika Pepper

Freshman Sebastian Galla’s is currently listening to “Lucid Dreams” by former rapper Juice Wrld. “Lucid Dreams” is Juice Wrld’s most popular song and the one that started his career.

Only a month after the death of the famous rapper Juice Wrld, people still enjoy listening to his music. One song that will always live on is “Lucid Dreams,” which is what freshman Sebastian Galla is listening to right now.

“I feel like he thinks about his lyrics,” Galla said, “He’s not just talking about his successes, he’s talking about his experiences.”

“Lucid Dreams” by Juice Wrld released on May 4, 2018. His career took off with this song and he continued to make more hits, including “Legends” and “Hide.” “Hide” was also featured in the newly released movie “Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse.”

According to Galla, the song is not like most rap songs today. It is more emotional and meaningful, like the artist himself. Juice Wrld is known for his rap songs about love, heartbreak, and the negative effects of drugs.

“He raps more from emotion than just money and stuff like that,” Galla said.

With songs like “Lucid Dreams,” Juice Wrld leaves behind a legacy of music, some dealing with the cliche topic of heartbreak, that presents itself in a more creative way. He continues to live on through his music and its impact on students like Galla.

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