Panther Tracks

“Conversations” by Juice WRLD


Annika Pepper

Freshman Jaden Powell’s current favorite song is “Conversations” by Juice WRLD. The song is the second track on the album “Legends Never Die,” which was the last album Juice WORLD worked on before his death.

When asked what his current favorite song was, freshman Jaden Powell immediately mentioned “Conversations” by Juice WRLD.

“It has a really good beat,” Powell said. “Juice WRLD just died, so it’s his new album that he was working on before he died.”

The album “Legends Never Die” that includes the song “Conversations” came out July 10, only seven months after Juice WRLD’s death. The album is currently no. 3 on the Billboard 200. 

Powell mentioned that “Wishing Well” and “Come and Go” are also songs on the album he enjoys.

“[Juice WRLD] was just a good artist in general,” Powell said. “A lot of his stuff was freestyle, [and] he was pretty good at that.”

If looking for a song with a good beat and meaning, “Conversations” is worth a listen.