Panther Tracks

“The Fine Print”


Craig Bardo

Junior Spencer Jerome is listening to “The Fine Prints” by The Stupendium. It has a funky beat while addressing real-world topics like capitalism and its influence on our lives.

Cecily Shaber, Staff Writer

Junior Spencer Jerome is currently listening to “The Fine Print“ by The Stupendium.

“The entire song is basically a premise on capitalism,” Jerome said.

The Stupendium’s “The Fine Print” uses minimal instrumentation in favor of his own voice. The song is composed almost entirely of The Stupendium rapping away as well as a funky, rhythmic beat keeping tempo in the background.

Greg Holgate, “The Stupendium,” began his career as a content creator on YouTube. He originally posted comedy sketches on his channel but soon started making hip-hop and rap music. Many of his songs tell a story about video games.

Jerome said that this specific stanza in the song resonated with him: “We work/To earn the right to work/To earn the right to work/To earn the right to work/To earn the right to work/To earn the right to give/Ourselves the right to buy/Ourselves the right to live/To earn the right to die.”

If you’re looking for a tune with a funky rap beat, “The Fine Print” is the way to go.