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“Wants and Needs”


Annika Pepper

Senior Michael LaRusso is listening to “Wants and Needs” by rap artist Drake, who released the song in his most recent hit album “Scary Hours 2.”

Emily Hawkins, Staff Writer

Michael LaRusso is currently listening to “Wants and Needs” by Drake.

“I just started listening to it recently,” LaRusso said. “It’s probably the best one on his new album.”

The fast-paced rap song eases in and out of the quick verses and the slow and steady chorus. There is a consistent beat that only drops out during parts of the first and second verse, allowing listeners to sit and take in the lyrics. Drake talks about the progress he’s made as an artist but also the regrets he has from his sins. 

“Wants and Needs” was released early in 2021 on his most recent album, “Scary Hours 2.” Songs from the album “Wants and Needs” and “What’s Next” moved up to fill some of the top spots of several charts, including those of Billboard and Rolling Stone. The artist has come a long way in fame and success since his debut in 2010 with his hit song “Over.”

“Drake’s just a good artist,” LaRusso said. “He can sing really well.”

Anyone who enjoys a chill, funky beat and enjoys modern rap music should give “Wants and Needs” a listen.