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“Like Me”


Annika Pepper

Junior Ryan Drouillard is listening to ¨Like Me¨ by $NOT featuring Iann Dior. This song is the first time these two artists have collaborated.

Fernanda Orozco, Staff Writer

Junior Ryan Drouillard is jamming to ¨Like Me¨ by $NOT feat. Iann Dior.

¨I like the song specifically because of the beat and the chorus are fire,¨ Drouillard said. 

It is the first collaboration between Iann and $NOT on his album “Beautiful Havoc,” released last October. $NOT, born Edy Edouard, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He rose to fame after his breakout single ¨Gosha¨ dropped in September 2018. 

Iann Dior, more commonly known as Micheal Ian Olmo, peaked when his feature on 24KGoldnś’ single ¨Mood¨ hit No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100. 

¨Like Me¨ is a melodic, upbeat rap song sharing the experience of their peers and rapping on how they feel copied and imitated. The sing begins with rhythmic beats commencing onto sharing their lavish lifestyles. 

¨The percussion is amazing too and it is such a catchy song,¨ Drouillard said.

If you like rap, check out ¨Like Me¨ by $NOT.