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“Look for the silver lining”


"Chet Baker in New York" by Travelin' Librarian is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Senior Adam Sands is listening to “Look for the Silver Lining” by Chet Baker. This song was published in 1919 and is still popular in the jazz community.

Mackenzie Jadick, Staff Writer

Senior Adam Sands is currently listening to “Look for the Silver Lining” by Chet Baker.

“I like this song because it is very mellow and a good jazz song,” Sands said. 

Chet Baker was a jazz singer born in 1929 and is famous for his fragile tone in his singing and playing.  He is a member of the Jazz Hall of Fame and is known for his vocals and for his trumpet skills. 

“Look for the Silver Lining” is a song with a strong piano backtrack and multiple featured singers. This song was written in 1919 for a failed musical “Zip, Goes a Million” and was later  featured  in the musical “Sally” in 1920. 

If you’re looking for an older, more classic sound or enjoy music with a coffee shop feel, this should be your go-to song.