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“30/90” by Johnathan Larson


Annika Pepper

Senior Peyton Burh is listening to “30/90” by Johnathan Larson. This song was featured in the hit movie musical “Tick Tick Boom.”

Mary Davis, Staff Writer

Senior Peyton Burch is currently listening to “30/90” from the musical movie “Tick Tick Boom” written by Johnathan Larson. Released on November 12, 2021, the soundtrack to this movie has a cult classic rock feel.

“I really like it,” Burch said. “It scratches the brain itch, you know?”

The song incorporates the drilling sound of a piano melody to build energy and drive the song forward. Andrew Garfield, playing Johnathan Larson, sings about his 30th birthday and how the passage of time is affecting him. Larson makes references to Peter Pan and the Emerald City to call attention to the fact he wishes he could stay young. 

Jonathan Larson is the writer of the critically acclaimed broadway musical “Rent” and his unfinished show “Superbia.” Unfortunately, Larson died before he could see “Rent” open on Broadway. “Rent” is still widely popular among theatre fans and with the recent release of “Tick Tick Boom,” his songs are getting more attention.

“I really like the way his lyrics can mean something to everyone,” Burch said. “Even teenagers can understand the feeling of stuff moving too fast.”

Even if you are not a fan of musical theatre, Larson writes music that appeals to everyone. If you have not seen this movie yet, give it a try and definitely bring tissues.