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“Enemy (From the series ‘Arcane League of Legends’)” by Imagine Dragons


Allyssa Daigle

Anaya Walls is currently listening to “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons. The song was created as part of the soundtrack for the upcoming Netflix original, “Arcane.”

Jax Rainey, Staff Writer

Junior Anaya Walls is listening to “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons. 

“It’s very upbeat,” Walls said. “I love the show, and the song holds a strong meaning to me.”

The song was originally made to be a part of the Netflix original show, “Arcane,” but since the show’s popularity has skyrocketed, so has the song. The song released on October 28, 2021, and reached No. 45 on the U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100. 

“I absolutely love the beat,” Walls said. “This song is very unique compared to the other ones they have.”

The song starts out with a horn, followed by a subtle yet pronounced drum beat that helps set the tone for the following lyrics. At certain points in the song, the beat cuts out to help emphasize short phrases and words. It’s an effective technique in engulfing you into the universe of the show itself. 

The song carries a strong message revolving around betrayal, and how the people around you can appear to like you, but hate you once you turn your back. 

Imagine Dragons is a pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band consists of the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman. 

The band first gained notoriety after they released their hit single, “It’s Time.” They are now most known for their top single, “Radioactive,” which held the record for the most weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 as the biggest rock hit of the year.

Although “Enemy” was released a few months ago, it has continued to grow in popularity. The song has a great beat, and the lyrics are something we can all relate to. I will definitely be blasting this song on repeat whenever I get the chance.