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“Genius” by Written by Wolves


Annika Pepper

Sophomore Carter Stevens is listening to “Genius” by Written by Wolves. The song discusses the feelings of being in love.

Micah Freeman, Staff Writer

Sophomore Carter Stevens is listening to “Genius” by Written by Wolves. This song was released in 2016 and won the Highly Commended award in the International Song Writing Competition

“It’s not calming, but it’s not aggressive either,” Stevens said. ”It’s really exciting.”

The song starts with a beat that makes you feel pumped up. The song is really a love song despite the exciting beat. It talks about someone longing to be with a partner. It makes you feel how a crush would make you feel, as it makes you happy and the lyrics talk about being hung up on their words.

“I think it’s about relationships and how extreme they can be,” Stevens said.

Written by Wolves is a rock band that made their debut in 2015 with the single “Not Afraid to Die.” They are well known for pushing what is expected from the rock genre. They are one of the most-streamed rock bands in New Zealand, having over 15 million streams on Spotify.

If you want a song that talks about love while still having an exciting beat, check out “Genius” by Written by Wolves.