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“Waste on you” by Morgan Wallen


Charlie Goins

Senior Kalin Blinstrub’s favorite song right now is “Wasted on you” by Morgan Wallen. This song is part of “Dangerous,” an album consisting of 30 tracks.

MacKenzie Jadick, Staff Writer

Senior Kalin Blinstrub is listening to country hit “Wasted on you” by Morgan Wallen. This song was released on “Dangerous: The Double Album.”

“It has a very catchy beat,” Blinstrub said. “I love all the songs from his most recent album.”

The song is backed by mostly guitar following the traditional country style. This is a classic break up song as it is relatable to many people. 

Morgan Wallen’s album has sold 3.2 million copies in 2021 according to Billboard. Wallen has also taken over the Billboard Hot Country Songs. He has had six songs from his album in the top 10 at the same time.

“I like the backstory of Morgan Wallen,” Blinstrub said. ”Even after his first dream was ended, he found a new dream and pursued it.”

After Wallen’s music was dropped from multiple streaming platforms and radios stations, Wallen was still able to win an Academy of Country Music Award for his “Dangerous” album.