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“Trees” by Twenty-One Pilots


Jenson Mahr

Senior Kirnu Hwang is listening to “Trees” by Twenty-One Pilots. The song is known for being about dealing with death and coming to terms with it.

Michael Carrillo, Staff Writer

Senior Kirnu Hwang is listening to the song “Trees” by Twenty-One Pilots. This is one of their earliest songs. They typically play it at the end of their concerts. 

 “Trees” was originally released in 2011 as part of the album “Vessel.” The cover art features the band members’ grandfathers. 

“It’s a really hype song, but if you actually listen to it, it’s pretty sad,” Hwang said. 

Hwang ’s been a fan of Twenty-One Pilots for a long time. He also has attended multiple concerts and introduced several friends to the band.

Hwang first started listening to the band when a friend of his told him to go listen to “Trees.” Listening to one song turned into two, which turned into three, which eventually turned into listening to their entire catalogue. 

Twenty-One Pilots is currently comprised of drummer Josh Dun and lead vocalist Tyler Joseph. They gained popularity in 2015, with the release of one of their most popular songs “Stressed Out.”

They frequently tour and perform in Atlanta, so go catch a show if you enjoy their music.