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“Danced in the Dark” by Chase Atlantic


Katie Johnson

Junior Lexie Van Landeghem is listening to “Dancer in the Dark” by Chase Atlantic. This song describes the battles a girl faces with depression that ultimately ruins her relationship.

Shaila Bah, Staff Writer

Junior Lexie Van Landeghem is listening to “Dancer in the Dark” by Chase Atlantic. The song is the fourth track off their self-titled debut album “Chase Atlantic.”

“I really love the instrumentals and the tune of dancer in the dark,” Van Landeghem said. “It’s super-catchy and super-chill to listen to.”

The song’s sound has a dark but fun tone to it. The drums in the back are the star of the song, and if you listen closely you can hear guitars followed by a saxophone. The overall use of instruments in this song really makes this song more fun to listen to even though the lyrics are darker than they appear. 

The bridge of the song with the saxophone is a staple in most Chase Atlantic songs.

“Dancer in the Dark” is about a girl struggling with depression, but she soon realizes that her depression is ruining her relationship.

Chase Atlantic is an Australian group formed in 2014. The band consists of Mitchel Cave (lead vocalist), Christian Anthony (vocalist, and guitarist), and Clinton Cave (guitarist, saxophonist, and background vocalist). 

Mitchel and Clinton are both biological brothers. Mitchel and Chrisitan were best friends who also were on the Australian version of the X factor in 2012 in a band called “What About Tonight.” 

Chase Atlantic has seven EPs and three albums – Chase Atlantic, PHASES, and BEAUTY IN DEATH. They are known for their top hits “Slow Down”, “Friends”, “Swim”, and “Into It.” They have over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify and have surpassed 300 million streams on the streaming site. They have recently been on two tours in the past year.

Chase Atlantic controls everything about their music, a luxury most artists do not have. They write, produce, and even have their own record label “CHXSE RECORDS,” which signs artists like Xavier Mayne.

“I love that they put so much passion into their music and how euphoric it sounds,” Van Landeghem said. “I’ve been listening to them since last year and have fallen in love with them since.”

Check out another song by Chase Atlantic called “HEAVEN AND BACK” recommended by Lexie Van Landeghem for those “euphoric” sounds.

If you are riding on the freeway at night on the way back from Atlanta, “Dance in the Dark” is the perfect song to feel those late-night vibes.