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“my tears ricochet” by Taylor Swift


Crista Alarcon

Sophomore Hannah McBryde is listening to “my tears ricochet” by Taylor Swift. This song explores how young love often ends in disaster.

Crista Alarcon, Staff Writer

Sophomore Hannah McBryde is listening to “My Tears Ricochet” by Taylor Swift.

“It’s like when you’re zoned out from the world,” McBryde said. “This song kind of gives off that feeling.”

This song has a sad message about young love and how it often ends in messy situations. “My Tears Ricochet” is the fifth song on Taylor Swift’s quarantine album “Folklore.” This album has quite a few songs that follow a similar theme. Some speculate it is more about business than love because of Swift’s parting from Big Machine Records.

“A lot of her songs really come from the heart,” McBryde said. “They are very genuine, especially in the wording.”

Taylor Swift’s debut album was a bit more country, but as she grew as an artist, she developed her own sound, especially after her debacle with Big Machine Records and her re-recording of her old albums.

She has always had a big reputation for most of her songs being about breakups, but if you really listen to what she is saying, I am sure you will find a song you relate to.