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“Rozeskin” by Manuel Gardner Fernandes


Adaleigh Weber

Sophomore Briana Harris is listening to “Rozeskin” by Manuel Gardner Fernandes. This song has no vocals. Instead, an upbeat electric guitar carries the music.

Adaleigh Weber, Staff Writer

Sophomore Briana Harris is listening to “Rozeskin” by Manuel Gardner Fernandes.  

“The song gives off a nice feeling,” Harris said. “It doesn’t have that much rhythm, but the strumming of the guitar carries it.” 

Although the song does not have any vocals and is relatively short, the catchy, unique tunes of the electric guitar make this song memorable to the listener. 

“There’s some music where I feel like it doesn’t need words because the emotion is put into the strumming,” Harris said. 

Manuel Gardner Fernandes, who has been playing guitar since he was three years old, has developed a unique playing style that mainly features dead notes and hard strumming. 

“He’s pretty cool,” Harris said. “His music is very abstract, but in a good way.”

Fernandes draws inspiration from Mateus Asato, Guthrie Govan, David Gilmour, and others. He is popular on many platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. His music is also available to be streamed on Spotify and Deezer.