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“Mercury” by Steve Lacy


Cecily Shaber

Senior Alyssa Daigle is listening to “Mercury” by Steve Lacy. Maracas hold an alternative beat in this song that explores the difficulty of a romantic relationship.

Cecily Shaber, Editor

Senior Alyssa Daigle is currently listening to “Mercury” by Steve Lacy.

“I really like the beat of it,” Daigle said. “It has a very nice Latin beat.”

“Mercury” does have a unique beat that is kept up by maracas in the background. The lyrics discuss the ups and downs of maintaining a romantic relationship. Lacy even uses mercury as a metaphor to describe the muck in his head that makes it hard to be a good partner.

Lacy released his debut studio album, “Apollo XXI,” in 2019. In total, the artist has two studio albums, one compilation album, an EP, and 11 singles. “Mercury” is part of Lacy’s album, “Gemini Rights.”

“[Lacy] himself is just a really good artist,” Daigle said. “He’s just amazing.”

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