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“Ruse” by Chloe Perrin


Jessica Doyle

Senior Faith Jones is listening to “Ruse” by Chloe Perrin. This song has a distinctly touchy tone to it, and looks at the experience of a heartbreak and the toll it takes on a person.

Adebola Adepoju, Staff Writer

Senior Faith Jones is currently listening to “Ruse” by Chloe Perrin.

“I really like how she’s describing her feelings in it and not hiding back any emotions when it comes to the breakup in her song,” Jones said.

“Ruse” has a genuinely soft and heartbroken tone. When listening to the song I can tell that Perrin is speaking from the heart.

The lyrics discuss her feeling like she had put all in her relationship just for a boy to play her like she was nothing. Perrin sings, “Kissed my hand in the bathroom, it was all a ruse, broke my heart in two, doesn’t have a clue.” 

This song overall explains having a connection with somebody you love that keeps on trying to convince you that they love you back. 

Perrin released “Ruse” on October 14, 2022. This is her first song, and she plans to continue making music.

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