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“From Time” by Drake ft. Jhene Aiko


Katie Johnson

Senior Janai Carter is listening “From Time” by Drake featuring Jhene Aiko. This song has a memorable chorus and slow tempo beat.

Katie Johnson, Editor

Senior Janai Carter is listening to “From Time” by Drake featuring Jhene Aiko.

“I like the beat and Jhene part the most in the song,” Carter said. 

“From Time” is the third single off of Drake’s third album “Nothing was the Same.” The song is a conversation between Drake and an old flame. “From time” is a slow down-tempo R&B song that is composed of finger-snap beats and piano. The song mirrors the soundscape of Drake’s previous album “Take Care” in 2011.

“I liked the beat and the slower part,” Carter said. “I like to listen to slower music when I’m working.”

The lyrics can be described as reflective and confessional as they delve into different parts of Drake’s life. The song features the vocals of Jhene Aiko and piano harmonies of Chilly Gonzales. 

Jhene Aiko wrote the hook for the song with intentions of it being personal and real so people could relate to it. 

Following “From Time” in 2013, Drake has released 12 more studio albums.

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