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“Fancy Shoes” by The Walters


Ella Bissonnette

Freshman Sloane Hudgens is listening to “Fancy Shoes” by The Walters. The song is about missing loved ones.

Ella Bissonnette, Staff Writer

Freshman Sloane Hudgens is listening to “Fancy Shoes” by The Walters.

“Fancy Shoes” includes sad lyrics contrasted with a fun beat. The song touches people and makes you think of loved ones.

“[The lyrics] contrast with the general meaning of the song because the lyrics are really sad, but the beat is really happy,” Hudgens said.

The Walters band was formed in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. They later debuted in 2014 after being signed to Warner Records.The American band consists of lead vocalist Luke Olson, lead guitarist Walter Kosner, rhythm guitarist and vocalist MJ Tirabassi, bassist Dany Wells, and lead drummer Charlie Ekhaus.

“Fancy Shoes” keeps you interested, sad, and happy all at once. 

“Fancy Shoes” is the third song in The Walters’s album “Songs for Dads.” The album landed in 2014. The album consists of five songs. The Walters released a total of three albums and had their first national tour in 2017. 

“This song makes me feel very comforted and just kind of at peace, because it’s a good song,” Hudgens said.

The Walters are continuing to make music, so keep a lookout for more songs. Go listen to “Fancy Shoes” on all streaming services.