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“Life Rolls On” by Florida Georgia Line


Ella Bissonnette

Sophomore Gabbie Moore is listening to “Life Rolls On” by Florida Georgia Line. The song is about someone meeting a significant person then moving far away from them.

Jae Ardoin, Staff Writer

Sophomore Gabbie Moore is listening to “Life Rolls On” by Florida Georgia Line. 

The song has a very subtle beat. It has a story about the ups and downs in life, and wanting a special person to stay with you throughout it. 

“[Life Rolls On is] about someone who moves far away from a person that they met, they loved, and they’re just trying to work things out together,” Moore said.

The song is country, with an uplifting beat, with heavily thought out lyrics.

“Life Rolls On” was released in 2021 on Georgia Florida Line’s album “Life Rolls On.” Georgia Florida Line was founded in 2010, and some of their most popular songs since then include “Meant to Be,” “H.O.L.Y,” and “Lil Bit.”

Florida Georgia Line is an American country duo with Tyler Hubbard of Georgia and Brian Kelley of Florida. 

“I can relate to this song so much because I met someone before I moved, and we used to listen to this song before I moved away,” Moore said.

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