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“Only One to Blame” by Samm Henshaw


Crista Alarcon

Sophomore Jared Moore is currently listening to “Only One to Blame” by Samm Henshaw. The song deals with accountability in relationships.

Micah Freeman, Staff Writer

Sophomore Jared Moore is listening to “Only One to Blame” by Samm Henshaw.

“It has a good chorus and it’s catchy,” Moore said. “The melody is amazing.”

The song has a smooth and calming start before entering a jazzy beat. The song is about accepting your wrongdoings, as demonstrated through cheating in a relationship. The lyrics show that the singer is going through regret and is attempting to apologize for his actions.

“It feels like a fresh new take on music,” Moore said.

Henshaw began his career in 2015 with the EP “The Sound Experiment.” Henshaw later released “Only One to Blame” as a single in 2019. Henshaw uses soul music to craft a story.

If you want a catchy song that deals with accountability, listen to “Only One to Blame.”