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“Not My Job” by Flo


Michael Carrillo

Sophomore Blerta Basha is listening to “Not My Job” by Flo. This song contains upbeat and catchy lyrics.

Adaleigh Weber, Staff Writer

Sophomore Blerta Basha is listening to “Not My Job” by Flo.

“The song is saying what I do is not up to you,” Basha said. “I really like it. It’s really good.”

Basha describes the pop song as being melodic, with the girls singing harmonically throughout. She also finds the lyrics to be fun and catchy. 

“Whenever I listen to it, I’m kind of in a zone and I really like it,” Basha said. “They’re all pretty fun lyrics. I think the one that’s always stuck in my head is “Never been my job, never been my occupation.”

The song was released in 2022 in Flo’s debut EP album, “The Lead.” Other songs on the album include “Immature,” “Summertime,” and “Cardboard Box.”

“I’ve absolutely fallen in love with them,” Basha said. “They’re a British girl group that is pop and R&B, and their harmonies are so good, it’s angelic.”

You can listen to “Not My Job” on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or any major streaming platform.