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“Basement Jack” by Steve Lacy


Ella Bissonnette

“Basement Jack” is the fourth song on Steve Lacy’s album “Apollo XXI.” The song talks about coming to terms with sexuality.

Adebola Adepoju, Staff Writer

Sophomore Bella Gorman is currently listening to “Basement Jack” by Steve Lacy.

“My favorite thing about the song is that it is really catchy and upbeat,” Gorman said. “I can listen to it all the time.”

This song is about Lacy being confused and coming to terms with his sexuality. Basements are normally secluded, and he compares this to a teen’s sexual development by saying that this is a safe place teens can go to explore their sexuality. In this song he compares coming out of a basement, similar to coming out of the closet.

“When I listen to this song, I am in a good mood because it is a happy song, and not slow,” Gorman said.

“Basement Jack” is a part of Lacy’s album “Apollo XXI.” This song was released on his second album in May 2019.

Steve Lacy is from Compton, California, and started out by playing the guitar for Los Angeles-based R&B soul band The Internet. The group was disbanded, which allowed Lacy to branch out and make his own music. 

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