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“Tu as Volè” by Tabou Combo


Jae Ardoin

Senior Celina Davis is listening to “Tu as Volè” by Tabou Combo. Davis likes the song because she would like to have the relationship described in the song.

Jae Ardoin, Staff Writer

Senior Celina Davis is listening to “Tu as Volè” by Tabou Combo

“It’s about a man that goes to a party and meets his first love,” Davis said. 

This song is a high-energy melody that inspires people to get up and dance. The lyrics are mainly French and Haitian Creole with a little bit of English. The line “get on up” is repeated multiple times throughout the whole song further inviting the listener to start dancing.

“I relate to this song because I’m single and I want to be in a relationship,” Davis said. “I would also recommend the song ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy Perry.” 

Tabou Combo is a Haitian band that was formed in 1968. Known for their unique blend of African, Haitian, and American music styles, when “Tu as Volè ” came out it fastly became one of their most popular songs. 

Tabou Combo is also known for their songs “Mabouya,” “New York City,” and “Aux Antilles.”

You can listen to “Tu as Volè” and other songs by Tabou Combo on Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Apple Music.