Quick Hit with Abi Carter


Matthew James Wilson

Nick Rattingan, also known as Current Joys, produced the song “A Different Age.” Nostalgic and raw, this song is a masterpiece of the ages.

Abi Carter, Features Editor

Stop pretending to do your schoolwork, and click on your favorite music platform right now. “A Different Age” is calling your name.  

In movies, there is almost always a catchy background song to create mood.  If you have ever dreamt of being in a grunge ‘90s movie with sunsets, old cars, gas stations, and late night drives, “A Different Age by Current Joys is the song for you. 

Nicholas Rattigan delivers music under the moniker Current Joys. He started releasing music in 2011, and released his third album on March 2, 2018.

“A Different Age” is 6 minutes and 52 seconds long, but a rollercoaster of emotions.Th e dreamy guitar in this song brings a slowed, drugged out version of the perception of life. Lyrically penetrating, the words radiate a defeated wisdom that touches on maturity and loss. 

Current Joys manifests itself in vivid instrumentation overwhelming its audience with layers of guitar, beats, and cymbals.

This song can fit into every moment of every day. Sad enough to comfort, but happy enough to be nostalgic, “A Different Age” is a song that has gotten me through it all.

Therapeutic in every way, listen to “A Different Age” as soon as possible. Nick Rattigan never fails to uniquely use his talent and create amazing music.