Quick Hit with Daniel Stackhouse

“Starlight Brigade” by TWRP


TWRP, Knights of the Light Table

Image of the Starlight Brigade in the music video with the same name by Tupper Ware Remix Party. “Starlight Brigade” is just the song anybody could use to get them hyped up with an electric rock space adventure.

Daniel Stackhouse, Sports Editor

Take some time to let loose and listen to “Starlight Brigade” by Tupper Ware Remix Party. This song is just what you need to put on your playlist to get in the groove for the weekend and onward.

“Starlight Brigade” was released on TWRP’s 2018 album, “Together Through Time.” Formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2006, TWRP prioritizes rock and roll and their sound is heavily relatable to many bands of the ‘80s. With over nine million plays, “Starlight Brigade” is their most popular song according to Spotify.

It takes the viewer on a musical journey with a great combination of solid rock and roll instruments and synthesizers. Vocals by guest vocalist Dan Avidan are a treat to listen to and accompany every other piece the song has to offer. There is even a music video accompanying the song available on Youtube with gorgeous animation and visuals.

The synthesizers take the song to another level. The way they sound gives off an encapsulating vibe about space. Paired with the lyrics that tell of the great Starlight Brigade, the listener is taken on a wondrous space adventure that will be hard to forget.

We need more songs, and bands for that matter, like this. If you need a song to get you on your feet and keep yourself motivated, this is the song for you. I always get hyped up when I listen to this song. The heart-pumping rock and roll galactic thrill that TWRP has orchestrated will get anybody to get ready to turn the key and lift off!