Quick Hit with Kaitlyn Doyle

“Televised” by HUNNY


Matt Nykamp

“Televised” is an upbeat song with interesting social commentary. Released in 2017, “Televised” is on the album “Windows I.”

Kaitlyn Doyle, Staff Writer

Stop listening to Christmas music (or your awesome Spotify Wrapped playlist) on repeat, and pull up the streaming service of your choice. “Televised” by HUNNY is the perfect song to get your mind off midterm exams and take a break from reality. 

“Televised” is a catchy beat with a deep social commentary. The song describes how the repetitiveness and expectations of television and social media take over our lives. Through both the tune and lyrics, the song reminds you to take a breather. The upbeat drums and quick tempo make “Televised” easy to listen to in any mood and any place. 

The band is from Newbury Park, California, and all the members have a music history used in other bands. Jason Yarger is the lead singer/guitarist, while Kevin Grimmet takes the keyboard. Jake Goldstein takes on the guitar, and Joey Anderson is the band’s drummer. Their first single, “Honey Blonde,” released in 2014, and their second single, “Cry For Me” skyrocketed to fame in 2015.

HUNNY’s songs give off a vibe close to a more indie version of The Cure. Some of their top songs include “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)” and “July.” 

“Televised” is the perfect way to destress for exams and kick off 2021.