Quick Hit with Abi Carter

“Separation Anxiety” by Eyedress


Razy Faouri

Eyedress is an indie band with a varied discography. The most popular albums being “Let’s Skip to the Wedding” and “Manila Ice.” The varied tone of Eyedress is unique to most genres.

Abi Carter, Features Editor

Owning the world and being a main character is hard, especially while wading through the struggles of teenage life. The song that never fails to take me to a different world is “Separation Anxiety” by Eyedress.

Eyedress is the alias for Filipino artist Idris Vicuña, former lead guitarist of indie band Bee Eyes. Vicuña relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, at age six. He started playing bass in a punk band at the age of 13 in San Clemente, California.

“Separation Anxiety” is upbeat, almost manic. It seems he is begging for someone to stay in his life. The mildly haunting melody only highlights his desperation, and the repetitive rhythm of the drums and guitar always fits the mood. 

Other popular hits by Eyedress include “Romantic Lover” and “Jealous,” which gained popularity on Tik Tok. His latest song, “Cotton Candy Skies,” was released on February 1, 2021. His girlfriend, Elvia, is featured in the new piece. 

Eyedress has a variety of songs. From chill to hysteric, the sound and tone are unmatched. This artist can fit any personality, any setting, and any moment. Open up your favorite music platform and prepare to think you own the world.