Quick Hit with Jacob Flesher

“Pure of Heart” by Big Bite


Photo via Bandcamp

Black and white photo of the members of Big Bite (left to right: Matt Berry, Graham Baker, Erica Miller, and Allen Trainer).

Jacob Flesher, Staff Writer

As times start to get more stressful as the school year comes to an end, take a listen to the song “Pure of Heart” by the band Big Bite.

Big Bite is a rock/shoegaze band formed in 2014 based out of Seattle, Washington. Lead singer Matt Berry formed other bands like Happy Diving and a new band named The Berries after Big Bite went on hiatus at the beginning of 2020. The band is not very popular, bringing in around 11,000 monthly listeners. Their first album titled “Big Bite” accounts for most of their listens. 

“Pure of Heart” is the opening song on their first album and it begins just instrumental with the guitar and drums playing a fast but smooth rhythm for the first minute. This leads into deep and echoing vocals from Matt Berry. The song then fades back into all instrumental as it plays out into the next track on the album, “Fire Rising.”

This song adds a whole new level to driving with the windows down on the highway because of the perfect pace and flow. 

If anyone is looking to give any new music a try, I definitely recommend giving “Pure of Heart” by Big Bite a listen.