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“Lamb’s Wool” by Foster the People


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Album cover for the single “Lamb’s Wool” by Foster the People. “Lamb’s Wool” focuses on the theme of loved ones dying and coming to terms with it.

Peter Beardsley, Staff Writer

Put down the loads of homework and endless studying and relax with “Lamb’s Wool” by Foster the People.

“Lamb’s Wool” has a piano playing throughout the beat of the entire song which was one of the main ideas by keyboardist Isom Innis. It is topped with groovy sounds and the voice of lead singer Mark Foster. 

Foster the People is an American indie band consisting of four members. Lead vocalist Mark Foster, lead guitarist Sean Cimino, keyboardist Isom Innis, and drummer Mark Pontius. 

They are most known for their hit songs like “Pumped Up Kicks” which was the Billboard Hot 100 number three song for eight weeks straight and the number one alternative song. Another hit, “Sit Next to Me” peaked at 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Foster and Innis worked together to create the song with the driving purpose being the subject of death and battling internal fears. They finished the song after Foster had a conversation with his sick uncle about him, his uncle, and god. 

“A three part perspective on life, death, and what waits on the other side,” Foster said via his instagram. 

The song starts off with a slow piano intro and transforms into a faster paced beat with some psychedelic sounds in the background as Foster begins to sing. He sings about “sudden changes make the air uncomfortable” and it relates to the theme of coming to terms with fears and death. 

The latter half of the song was made in an attempt to be a healing song for the ones people have lost and loved. 

“Lamb’s Wool” is perfect for those moments you just need to sit back and try to take new perspectives. Open your favorite streaming app and listen to “Lamb’s Wool” by Foster the People.