Quick Hit with Bella Gorman

“I Did Something Bad” by Taylor Swift


Big Machine Records

After facing public shame on social media, Taylor Swift released her sixth album, “Reputation,” to share her experience with the hate. Swift describes this hit album as telling her story “through a ‘Game of Thrones’ filter.”

Bella Gorman, Staff Writer

The feeling of rebellion is unbeatable and Taylor Swift writes about it in her song “I Did Something Bad.” Though turning your back on the rules may not be for everyone, the song will leave you feeling confident and unstoppable. 

The song starts off with a single note being repeated on a stringed instrument and transitions into a wave of deeper tones and complex production. A mischievous voice reveals itself as Swift begins to sing, her lyrics pulling in the listener with their roguish message. As the chorus approaches, the layers in her music increase and special effects build up, just to burst into an outbreak of emotion and several bold elements.

Born on December 13, 1989, Taylor Swift began her legacy at a young age with a passion for writing and singing country music. She sang at several big events and started writing her own music at 11 and playing guitar at 12. Her first single, “Tim McGraw,” topped country charts. Since then, her music has incorporated various genres, including rock, pop, and dubstep.

While Taylor Swift may be known for preppy, sweet music, her album “Reputation” shows a different side of her and her creations. “Reputation,” her sixth studio album, was inspired by the series “Game of Thrones” and received mixed reviews, though many were positive. 

“I Did Something Bad” is a perfect representation of Swift’s darker half and reveals that she can express her talent and creativity in various ways. The song was specifically celebrated for the lyrics’ “blazing imagery” by Raise Burner from “Time.”

When searching for an upbeat song that will leave you pressing repeat, try streaming “I Did Something Bad”. You will be impressed with the effort poured into the production as well as the emotion present in the vocals.