Quick Hit with Peter Beardsley

“List of People (To Try and Forget About)” by Tame Impala


Photo via Instagram (@mischiefforthemind)

Album cover for “List of People (To Try and Forget About) by Tame Impala. The track appears on the deluxe version of the popular album “Currents” that was released in late 2017.

Peter Beardsley, Staff Writer

As the end of the semester nears and grades are being finalized, unwind from the stress with Tame Impala’s “List of People (To Try and Forget About).”

The song features many different instruments, notably the guitar, drums, and electric synth. The instruments are topped with the psychedelic voice of Kevin Parker. 

Tame Impala is an Australian singer/instrumentalist actually named Kevin Parker. The solo ”band” is most known for his songs “The Less I Know the Better” and “Eventually.”  

“List of People (To Try and Forget About)” peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs Chart in December 2017.

Parker said the reason it did not appear on the original album, rather the deluxe version was because, “[he] was so over it by the time he was finishing the album.”

In 2012, Parker began to write the song after the release of his earlier album “Lonerism.” When he completed the song, “[he] was really kind of satisfied with it as a song and as a chunk of my creativity and emotion and stuff.”

It’s very easy to understand the meaning of the song through the lyrics such as “[n]ow I gotta add you to my list of people to try and forget about now I gotta add yours to my list of faces to try and not think about”. It is about how Parker was attempting to forget about someone and extinguish his love for said person. 

The upbeat tune of “List of People (To Try and Forget About)” is perfect for boosting your spirits during these final stressful weeks of the semester. Open up your favorite streaming app and listen to “List of People (To Try and Forget About)” by Tame Impala.