Quick Hit with Peter Beardsley

“Come On, Let’s Go” by Nigo & Tyler, The Creator


Photo via Instagram (@nigo)

Album cover for Nigo’s “I Know NIGO!” released on March 25, 2022. The song “Come On, Lets Go” features Tyler, The Creator, and appears on the album along with 10 other tracks.

Peter Beardsley, Staff Writer

Start unwinding for our spring break a week early with Nigo & Tyler, The Creator’s new song “Come On, Let’s Go.” 

The song was released last Friday and was met with immediate success. It appeared on Nigo’s new album “I Know NIGO!” with 10 other songs. The album has 11 featured artists, including Creator, Kid Cudi, and A$AP Rocky. 

“Come On, Let’s Go,” begins with a sonic sounding synth repeating back and forth as the music builds toward the first verse. As Creator begins rapping he talks about a certain someone not being ready for him and how punctual he is.

Before the beat drops for the first time, Creator raps “Georgia Peach on east side, like it’s ATL.” After that lyric the slow darker synth speeds up along with the heavy drums in the background. 

In the song Creator also says, “Gon’ play that, I scored (Woo), for LV Abloh projects (Yeah)” referencing his work for the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 collection. He composed the music for the line and the live show. 

Nigo is a Japanese fashion designer and record producer, most known for his clothing line A Bathing Ape. Nigo is the creative director for Kenzo, a French luxury fashion company. He is also known for his musical works with Lil Uzi Vert and Rocky. 

Tyler, The Creator, or Tyler Gregory Okonomo, is a rapper from southern California and is most known for his grammy nominated music and clothing line “GOLF WANG.” 

“Come On, Let’s Go” comes after Tyler, The Creator’s most recent album “Call Me If You Get Lost,” which has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap Album category. He also won the 2020 Award for his album “IGOR.” 

Kick back this week, get ready for spring break, and open your favorite music streaming service, and listen to “Come On, Let’s Go” by Nigo & Tyler, The Creator.