Quick Hit with Abi Carter

“Phantom Bride” by Deftones


Photo via Instagram (@deftones)

Released in 2016, Deftones “Phantom Bride” is a collaborative piece with Jerry Cantrell, guitarist of Alice in Chains. An emotional masterpiece, the guitar solo and lyrics hit the heart and tear the soul.

Abi Carter, Editor

Formed in the late 80s, the multi-platform Grammy Award-winning alternative band Deftones has hit the spot for me again. “Phantom Bride,” one of Deftones newer releases, is a softer, emotional masterpiece.

“Phantom Bride” is merely an echo of the band’s normal aggressive tone, giving a more passionate feel. Unlike other songs, this one features Jerry Cantrell, the guitarist for another alternative band, Alice in Chains. Also unlike previous Deftones work, this one features a large guitar solo.

“In a traditional sense, the third verse of a song is sort of like the guitar singing. I suggested calling Jerry to see if he would be interested in filling that space,” lead singer Chino Moreno said on Genius.

The lyrics themselves are identifying the cause of emotional denial, either through heartbreak or backstabbing relationships. Moreno sings of loneliness, introversion, and substance abuse to hide trauma or unwanted emotions. The listener has chosen not to allow anyone to get close to them.

They have made an influential presence in the music industry with 10 million records sold worldwide as of 2020. With at least nine albums released, their second most recent album, released in 2016, “Gore” features “Phantom Bride.”

Deftones will perform with Gojira and VOWWS at Cadence Bank Amphitheater in Atlanta on May 6. 

Open your favorite streaming app, kick back, and listen to “Phantom Bride” by Deftones.