Quick Hit with Mary Davis

“Talk It Up” by Sammy Rae & The Friends



Sammy Rae & The Friends’ debut album cover for “The Good Life,” featuring “Talk It Up.” “Talk It Up” reminds listeners to keep going through the day despite life getting dull.

Mary Davis, Staff Writer

Feeling the effects of senioritis? Listen to “Talk It Up” by Sammy Rae & The Friends to get your energy back up before exams! 

Released in 2018, “Talk It Up” provides a unique feeling of windows-down bliss. Incorporating the piano and the saxophone, it feels like a song that is meant to come out of a diner jukebox. “Talk It Up” reminds the listener to keep pushing through the mundane things they encounter through the day. 

Sammy Rae started getting interested in music thanks to her history in musical theatre. According to Knight Errant, listening to Bruce Springsteen’s songwriting process was all she needed to start writing herself. 

Rae studied sound engineering and audio technology at University of New Haven. It was not until she took a break from music that her love for songwriting was solidified. She realized she was not happy and made it her mission to pursue her music by networking for a short time. Her band shifted members throughout the time leading up to her debut album. 

“The Good Life” is Sammy Rae & The Friends debut album featuring “Talk It Up.” Rae says her biggest inspiration for this album was her life in the city. She gathered ideas from her friends and family from shared experiences like anxiety and gender definition. 

The next time you have the windows down, remember to queue up “Talk It Up” by Sammy Rae & The Friends.