Quick Hit with Jae Ardoin

“Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy


RCA Records

Album cover from Steve Lacy’s newest album “Gemini Rights,” released in summer of 2022. The album includes the song “Bad Habit,” a song about having a love relationship while being a Gemini.

Jae Ardoin, Staff Writer

You’re at school, and you have school relationships. I’m talking about friendships, situationships, boy friends, girl friends, and so on. Many times you could find yourself biting your tongue when saying something, making you miss a chance for something to happen. Steve Lacy wrote the song “Bad Habit” on his most recent album “Gemini Rights” to talk about his experience with a failed relationship.

“Bad habit” is about a girl that Steve really liked that he missed the opportunity with. Though the girl did like him, and he liked her, Steve did not try hard enough. 

In the beginning of the song the chorus is saying repeatedly “I wish I knew you wanted me,” then it cuts to the verse “Is it too late to pursue?” This implies he wished she knew that she liked him and if it is too late to try again.

During the chorus he mentions how he has a bad habit of biting his tongue, representing how much he falls back from an intention. He understands this, and is coping with it. He is a Gemini, hence the album title, and Gemini’s are frequently perceived to be two-faced. He also knows everything happens for a reason anyways. 

Many of us can relate to this. Not knowing if we should approach someone who you like is the right thing to do. We overthink making the first move because we are scared to see what comes next. Lacy’s lyrics echo this: “If I decide if you’re invited.”  

It is in our nature though to think carefully and analyze everything, which happens too often. As a result, we miss chances because we are scared of disappointment and embarrassment.

When we break it down, “Bad Habit” talks about how many times we step back and avoid making a move that would lead to something big. The song talks about the results from this habit.

Steve Lacy is a R&B, Neo-soul, funk and jazz type of artist. Most of his songs are about relationships between all different types of people. Lacy’s major hits include “Dark Red,” “Infrunami,” “911/Mr. Lonely,” and “C U Girl” from his previous album and features with similar artists.