Quick Hit with Mateya Petrova

“Fumbled the Bag” by Jenna Raine



Jenna Raine’s newest single “Fumbled the bag” came out this September. The song is about ending a chapter and then beginning something new.

Mateya Petrova, Staff Writer

Are you ever looking for a really good storytelling song that you would sing with your friends, or listen to on repeat? Well, then you should give “Fumbled the Bag” by Jenna Raine a listen or two.

This song begins with a soft tone, then slowly moves on to a happy and joyful manner. Later on, in the song, it has a happy tone signaling a new beginning. 

Raine was born in Texas and moved to California in 2021 to pursue music. She always wanted to make music for the world. Released on September 2, 2022, “Fumbled the Bag” is her most  recent song. 

Raine has released songs for four years now. Her first single was released in October of 2018  called “us.” Some of her other famous songs include “2%” and “Heart of a Kid.” 

Raine became famous when she released her first big single in 2021, “See You Later (ten years),” where millions of people listened to her song on social media. She gained popularity  from TikTok and later on Instagram.  

You can stream all of her music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music, Pandora, and iHeart, Deezer, and YouTube.