Quick Hit with Drew McCarthy

“RUN” by Lil Darkie and Brahman


Spider Gang

The single “RUN” by artist Lil Darkie is a great lofi song to relax to. The album cover of the song is an illustration of Lil Darkie running.

Drew McCarthy, Editor

Lil Darkie, normally a rapper, branches out occasionally to create peaceful tracks like “RUN.” “RUN” is a lofi hip-hop song with almost sad but hopeful lyrics. This reaches slightly to the indie genre as well.

“RUN” is a single by Lil Darkie and Brahman released in 2022. It is a less popular song compared to Lil Darkie’s other songs. That being said, “RUN” is still a great song, and I would personally say it is actually underrated. 

The lyrics are my favorite part. The song talks about how hard life can be and specifically how people can negatively affect you. Even though people might get you down, you have to pull through and keep on running. 

There is a metaphor throughout the song about running. Basically running is just living the way you want to live and being content with yourself. Lil Darkie exclaims over and over again that he has “Gotta stay strong.”

This beautiful metaphor accompanied by ukulele melody provides a peaceful and relaxing song. This song is perfect to listen to on a day out when you just want to sit back and enjoy your time on earth. 

You can stream “RUN” on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora.