Quick Hit with Michael Carrillo

“Dissolve” by Joji


Warner Records

“Dissolve” contains an upbeat guitar mixed with depressing lyrics, making for an individualistic experience. The song could be considered something completely different from the rest of the songs on the album “Smithereens,” because the beat and instruments are completely different from the traditional way he makes his work.

Michael Carrillo, Staff Writer

Joji’s song “Dissolve” is a song about an identity crisis, imposter syndrome, and getting out of your own head.  

The song opens with a guitar and a beat that is not usually used by the artist. It sounded like a country song at first, and I was pretty blown away by how well he did it. 

The song is a reflection on life and how sometimes you cannot be yourself, as well as losing yourself. My favorite lyric within the song is “Who are we? What have we become?” It is just so bittersweet sounding and dull, mixed with the upbeat guitar in the background and synthy audio on top of it. It makes for a somber yet upbeat song. 

The meaning of the title “Dissolve” is found in the lyric “Are we counting sheep until we dissolve?” The significance of this lyric is the common idea of counting sheep to sleep and dissolve means to die. So in other words, are we just sleeping the days away until we die? 

“Dissolve” was released on November 4, 2022, as part of his album “Smithereens.” This is not the most popular song on the album, but when I first listened to it, it was immediately my favorite. 

Joji is an artist known by many names but now is Joji the artist. He makes all different types of music using a significant number of instruments throughout his catalog, but most of his songs revolve around love. 

You can listen to “Dissolve” by Joji on YouTube and Spotify.