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“velkommen tilbage” by Andreas Odbjerg


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The lyrics of the Danish pop song “velkommen tilbage” translate to “welcome back.” Andreas Odbjerg is one of the best songwriters of Denmark and has mostly blown the youth away throughout the last couple of years with his unique style and personality.

Agnes Sorensen, Staff Writer

Danish singer and one of the country’s best songwriters Andreas Odbjerg wrote “velkommen tilbage” about himself as an upcoming artist.

Odbjerg released his song in 2021 and the 30-minute-long album “Hjem fra Fabrikken” (“home from the fabric”) with five stars on November 4.

Odbjerg wrote the song about his path through the Danish education system. The people in his life advised him to go into business, but he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a songwriter. 

The lyrics confidently talk about how people must have missed him, which relates to the title “velkommen tilbage” translated as “welcome back.” Odbjerg has been awarded for his talent as a songwriter. 

He got known nationwide in 2021, and his fame has spread with his album throughout the last year. He is one of the biggest upcoming musicians in Denmark, and very different from everyone else in the industry. His performances, style, and clothing are unique from other regular pop artists.

Odbjerg confidently sings about how good he looks and how great he is, which sounds weird, but I think it makes him unique as a musician. 

You can listen to “velkommen tilbage” and his album on Spotify and YouTube.