Quick Hit with Jessica Doyle

“Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy


RCA Records

“Bad Habit” is a song many people can relate to on a personal level because it is common for people to miss out on something that could be great due to fear. The song has had over 20 million streams and over 40 million radio airplay audience impressions.

Jessica Doyle, Staff Writer

Romance songs are common and usually have a happy ending. But this one? Can you even call it romance? Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” is about a man missing his chance at romance. 

Lacy, a musician from California,  and released “Bad Habit” as the second single from his second studio album, “Gemini Rights,” in late June of 2022. 

The song expresses his regret for not shooting his chance with a girl and his bad habit of biting his tongue, which symbolizes how he steps back from early intention. This is a characteristic that he accepts as he takes the loss. 

The deeper meaning of the lyrics is understood as a bad habit most people can relate to – avoiding taking a decision we would be pleased to chase. This bad habit comes from a place of lack of self-confidence. It is scary to make a move because you never know what another person is thinking, and they could reject you. 

“Bad Habit” gained popularity through social media including Tik Tok, where people would make videos incorporating a line or two from the song. “Bad Habit” was used as the soundtrack for over 400,000 videos on the platform. The song eventually became Steve Lacy’s first song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

You can stream “Bad Habit” along with other Steve Lacy hits on Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora Music, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.