Quick Hit with Adebola Adepoju

“Overtime” by Bryson Tiller


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“Overtime” by Bryson Tiller looks at love from two different perspectives. The song is included on the album “Trapsoul,” which released on October 2, 2015.

Adebola Adepoju, Staff Writer

“Overtime” is about how Tiller puts all the effort into the relationship but it still ends horribly. 

In the song, the 13th track on the “Trapsoul” album, Tiller explains how he wishes the other person would explain to him what he should work on to make himself better for her.

The song “Overtime” opens up with a real voicemail call by Tiller’s ex. “You know how I feel about like, us, right? Like, how I wanna go about it But you never tell me how you feel about it. And how you wanna go about it.” She explains that she tells him how she is feeling about them, but he will not open up to her. 

The lyrics explain the deeper meaning of lack of communication in a relationship. No matter how good or bad a relationship is, it will only get worse if you can not discuss your emotions with your significant other. 

Tiller takes R&B music to a whole different level, exploring ideas such as love, toxicity, and pain. He teaches that relationships aren’t always perfect and that sometimes the bad outweighs the good. He incorporates all these emotions and feelings plus amazing beats in his music.

There is no music video for this song but the lyrics explain it all. Just a young man looking for true love.

“Trapsoul” was released on October 2, 2015. This is one of his top-rated albums along with “True to Self” and “Anniversary.” 

Tiller started making music when he was 15, but got started being more serious when he was around 20. He loved music and he learned to record by using a close friend’s studio. “Don’t” was the first song he ever made.

You can listen to “Overtime” by Bryson Tiller on all streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube music, and Apple music.