Quick Hit with Jax Rainey

“Me and Your Mama” by Childish Gambino


Photo via Instagram (@thechildishdon)

Donald Glover released his debut Album “Awaken my Love” on December 2, 2016. The album is a great mix of psychedelic soul, funk, and R&B, and is a bold departure of his typical hip-hop style.

Jax Rainey, Staff Writer

When Childish Gambino first released their debut album, “Awaken my Love,” I had not heard any other track besides “Redbone,” as it constantly played on different radio stations across the nation. It was not until recently that I finally got around to diving into more of Childish Gambino’s music, and that is when I stumbled across the song “Me and Your Mama.”

When I first listened to this song, it opened an entirely new world of music for me. Everything from the soft, twinkling chimes that slowly pull you in, to the addition of the fuzz guitar, and the choir-like vocals that can only be described as angelic. 

The song “Me and your Mama” is quite clearly about Donald Glover’s almost overwhelming feeling of love toward the woman he is singing about. 

The song itself is split into three distinctive sections, the first being slower, and melodic with soft vocals and drums dotting the background to give a segue to the main section. 

The second section is the heart and meaning of the song itself, being filled with strong vocals as Donald Glover wails about how he cannot survive without the woman in question as he states numerous times that despite her flaws she has a strong hold on him. 

As quickly as his fiery rant starts, it is cut short when the third and last section begins, ending the song with a slow beat even more fragile than the first that lacks the soft vocals and drum beat heard previously. Despite it being even more toned down, it takes up the largest portion of the song, and really helps you de-escalate from the whirlwind of emotions Glover has thrown at you. 

All of these elements combined make the song a lyrical and musical work of art that encapsulates the experience of love-induced peril and perfectly expresses all the things you cannot say, but your heart can. 

Donald Glover, more commonly known by his stage name Childish Gambino, has dabbled in many areas such as acting, writing, directing, and producing during his career. Despite his aspiring music career, he rose to fame for his acting while portraying college student Troy Barnes on the NBC sitcom “Community.” 

After releasing independent tracks and mixtapes, he was quickly signed onto the label Glassnote Records in 2011. It would not be until he released his third album, “Awaken My Love,” that would really turn the spotlight on his music, sending the song “Redbone” onto the 12th spot on Billboard Hot 100.

The song “Me and Your Mama” will continue to be one of my favorite songs of all time, and Donald Glover has continued to amaze me with his music production. 

If you ever want to be immersed in a song that will drag your senses to a different universe, please give “Me and Your Mama” a listen.