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“More than a feeling’” by Boston


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“More than a feeling” by Boston is a classic rock song about losing someone and reminiscing about the past. The song is the first single on their debut album “Boston,” released in September 1976.

Katie Johnson, Editor

Looking for a strong classic rock song? “More than a feeling’ by Boston is that song with a mesmerizing beat and iconic lyrics.

“More than a feeling” may be a rock song, but it uncommonly hits an emotional tone. It makes you think about the people who make you happy and how you would feel if they weren’t with you anymore. Unlike some rock anthems of that time, Boston uses a lot of minor chords that resonate and make the song all the better.

When I first listened to the song, I instantly locked onto the disco and retro compartments of the beat. It is a classic rock anthem that just makes you want to move and sing along with it. From the first lyric you hang on for more, and every time you hear the chorus you just cannot help but sing along with it.

“More than a feeling” was the debut single off of Boston’s self-titled first studio album. I have listened to a lot of their music and they are all amazing in their own right, but this song takes number one for me. “More than a feeling” is Boston’s only number 1 single.

Released in 1976, the song peaked at No. 5 on the United States Billboard Top 100 music chart. This song has been covered by many bands including Nirvana in 1992 and Yes in 2007. 

“More than a feeling” is also included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list of 500 songs that shaped rock and roll. 

It took Boston guitarist Tom Scholz five years to complete the song. Scholz wrote the lyrics based on the idea of losing someone close to you and the way that music helps bring back memories of the past.

Although not based on anything in Scholz’s life, he did include the name of his cousin Marianne in the song.

Tom Scholz was a MIT graduate. He is best known for being the founder, main songwriter, primary guitarist and only remaining original member of the band.  Along with being a musician, Scholz is an inventor, his biggest invention is the Rockman. The Rockman is a miniature guitar amplifier with headphones, followed by the Power Soak, a volume-control device for amplifiers.

You can listen to “More than a feeling” by Boston on all streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.