Quick Hit with Jenson Mahr

“The Division Bell” by Pink Floyd


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Album cover for “The Division Bell” by Pink Floyd featuring the single “Take It Back.” The song was released on May 16, 1994, along with the album.

Jenson Mahr, Staff Writer

Looking for a classic rock song to settle you in your own dream? “Take It Back,” by the band Pink Floyd, is that breezy and fulfilling song that catches your breath. 

The song “Take It Back” has that calming effect that makes you feel as if you are driving on a highway surrounded by the heavenly ocean. Like most Pink Floyd songs, this one focuses more on instruments than words. 

Do not be fooled by the small number of words used throughout the song. The song still consists of beautiful chords and beats. 

The song begins with the use of the E-bow on the guitar, creating that calming tune of the song. Hearing that part of the song immediately hooked me to it. 

“Take It Back” is the seventh track on the 1994 album “The Division Bell.” It was initially released as a single on May 16, 1994. This was also the first track they released in a span of seven years since their previous album, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason.” The music portion and lyrics of the song were written by lead guitarist David Gilmour, while co-produced by Bob Ezrin. 

Pink Floyd is most known for their psychedelic social and emotional commentary music. They are a five-man band from London, England, consisting of lead singer David Gilmour, bass guitarist Roger Waters, guitarist Syd Barrett, drummer Nick Mason, and keyboardist Richard Wright. 

“Take it Back” is about the Mother Earth of this world and how badly humans treat her like she is not a living thing. Pink Floyd explores how Mother Earth will creep back out of hiding and eliminate the human race from existence. 

The song has a soothing ending similar to the beginning of the song that echoes its main theme. The song then leads into the next song of the album “Coming Back To Life.”

Among many Pink Floyd songs, this one is the best of them all because of the guitar sound that is used throughout the song. “Take it Back” is a great listen for anyone who enjoys classic instrumental rock songs.

You can listen to “Take It Back” by Pink Floyd on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Pandora.