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“Wing$” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


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“Wing$” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is the ultimate hype song. It is part of the 2012 album “The Heist.”

Cecily Shaber, Editor-in-Chief

“Wing$,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, is the ultimate hype song. Whether it precedes an important race, the big game, or everyday training, this track will absolutely raise the adrenaline flow to a feverish pitch.

Most of the song is high-energy. The beat and volume rise at important parts of the song just like the culmination of breath and heart rate before your big moment.

What makes the song so captivating is the story it tells. The exposition introduces the narrator as a young boy who just acquired brand new, coolest-ever, name-brand basketball shoes. With his fresh kicks, he can reach new heights. These shoes are his wings, and they are the source of his swag and confidence, which come from crowd approval.

However, the narrator quickly realizes the pernicious nature of the culture he has immersed himself in. Everyone seeks to outdo the person next to them through the acquisition of the coolest new shoe. Underneath the metaphor, everybody wants to prove their worthiness by impressing the crowd.

The tone of the music reflects the emotion of the lyrics. Macklemore raps for most of the song, but when the lyrics become particularly somber, a chorus of children enters, melancholic and wistful, to express the predicament of the narrator.

The song’s narrative provides the right pre-race mindset. The race is not for self-glorification or to gain the approval of others. Instead, we race and compete because we love sport and the challenge of pushing ourselves to the max just to see how far we can go.

“Wing$” was released in 2012 on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ album “The Heist.” Other popular songs from the duo include “Can’t Hold Us” and “Thrift Shop.”

Listen to “Wing$” on your favorite music streaming service for the best pre-competition hype.